Chrysler’s Geneva line up

The Geneva motor show sees the world launch of Chrysler’s new ‘SRT Design Group’; a styling package that has already been seen on the 300C diesel.The next model to receive the SRT Design treatment is the Grand Cherokee V6 CRD. The 3.0 diesel Jeep will take styling cues from the range-topping V8 SRT-8 model, though no changes will be made to the car’s mechanicals so customers get the same 215bhp, 376lb ft of torque and 27.7mpg from a 3.0-litre diesel V6.Tweaks include new 18-inch Arrowhead alloy wheels, a rear spoiler and front air dam. It also loses the standard car’s roof rack to smoothen the profile and gains the same grille as the SRT-8. Prices are yet to be announced.Dodge is also using the Geneva show to reveal the new Caliber SRT-4, the latest addition to the full-on SRT performance range. The Caliber has been a huge success outside of America, outselling all other Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge products, and a high performance model should continue this trend. However, there are no plans for right hand drive production – so no official UK sales.The SRT4 uses Chrysler’s 2.4-litre engine stretched to produce 285bhp, and 265lb ft of torque – all driven through the front wheels. Expect a sub seven second 0-60 time, and Dodge claims that it will offer a superior power-per-Euro rating than its rivals, though no official prices have been revealed.The Chrysler brand’s Geneva display will also see the European debut of the electric ecoVoyager concept, as well as the new Grand Voyager.

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