Geneva motor show 2012: Fiat ‘open to Volvo talks’

Fiat boss Sergio Marchionne is keen to speak to Volvo because the Swedish firm’s search for any partner in developing small cars continues. “I’m thinking about speaking to everybody that wishes to speak to me,” stated Marchionne in the Geneva motor show.

Volvo doesn’t have lengthy-term tie-track of Ford any longer after it had been offered to Chinese firm Geely. The firm is promoting a brand new selection of four-cylinder engines along with a scalable platform for mid-large sized cars, however a small vehicle platform is absent from the armoury.

“We are open for partners,” Volvo’s leader Stefan Jacoby stated in The month of january. “We are open for collaboration inside a win-win situation for discussing platforms, for discussing engines as well as for an over-all greater proportions of financial aspects.”

Marchionne also revealed he’d had talks with several Japanese companies, thought to include Mazda and Suzuki, regarding future alternative drivetrains, but he planned to persist with improving car engine technology because of the expense of recent alternative technology.

“There’s still plenty of untouched technology with combustion,” he stated. “Future drivetrains have to be cheaper and less expensive. You simply won’t sell any cars at this cost within the B-segment.”

An exciting-electric form of the Fiat 500 is going to be launched through the finish of the season, which pools in technology from lots of companies to get rid of the pricey development from Fiat.

“I shouldn’t trial a lot of future solutions,” he stated. “We will require the advantages of others’ work.”

About partnerships, Marchionne stated he never attempted to create a cope with PSA Peugeot-Citroen prior to the French firm designed a cope with Vehicle. “I wouldn’t enjoy being GM,” he stated. “The integration for that cost doesn’t go far enough and will not have met our requirments.”

Fiat did formerly have highly-publicised talks with Vehicle regarding an order of Opel-Vauxhall and Saab in ’09, and Marchionne stated he might have “found an answer for that brands”.



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