No stars for Brilliance

The Brilliance BS4, a Chinese saloon, continues to be given a zero-star rating inside a recent crash test.

ADAC, Germany’s largest automobile club, tested the vehicle underneath the new EuroNCAP’s stricter rules, which need a vehicle to possess electronic stability control (ESC) to achieve five stars and look at the existence of a speed limiter around the vehicle.

Underneath the old rules it’s reported the vehicle might have received three stars for adult protection, but underneath the new system it unsuccessful to achieve even one.

A few of the criticisms in the test were the driver’s airbag was incorrectly placed, that sharp metal parts weren’t covered or padded, which the clutch and brake pedals could damage the driver’s ft.

The ADAC stated the vehicle wasn’t on the componen with individuals created by European manufacturers and was adamant the safety cell be improved.



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