GM presently has batteries incorporated

Vehicle gets seriously interested in planet. The firm has awarded two contracts for advanced growth and development of lithium-ion batteries, for use in the electric drive“E-Flex System.” The E-Flex was initially proven within the Chevrolet Volt concept vehicle, proven at Detroit in The month of january 2007and a part of GM’s technique to escape from gas power. One contract will lithium-ion battery supplier Compact Power in Michigan, and yet another to Frankfurt-based Continental Automotive Systems.“The signing of those battery development contracts is a vital next thing on the road to bring the Volt nearer to reality,” stated GM boss Ron Wagoner. “Because of the huge potential the Volt and it is E-Flex system purports to lower oil consumption, lower oil imports, and reduced carbon emissions, this can be a main concern program for GM.”There’s two versions from the E-Flex System – therefore, the two suppliers. The first is a plug-in electric system, as proven within the Volt concept at Detroit. Another is really a fuel-cell variant, as was proven at Shanghai in April. This could supply a number of its very own power without having to stop to recharge.“This technologies are developing quickly,” stated Denise Grey, GM director of hybrid energy storage devices. “These contracts are an chance to deeply comprehend the differing battery technologies prior to making a production decision.” GM already sells some gas-electric hybrid vehicles in america – together with a 2.4-litre gas hybrid Saturn Vue, that is a US form of the Vauxhall Vectra.


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