Detroit show: Electric BMW 1-series

BMW has ignited the 2nd phase in the ‘project i’ city vehicle initiative in the Detroit motor show, using the unveiling of the new plug-in electric form of the fir-series coupe.

Referred to as BMW 1-series Concept ActiveE, the brand new four-seater previews a zero-emission BMW which will to enter a restricted lease programme for preferred customers in selected markets.

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This can range from the United kingdom, in which the new vehicle is anticipated to create a main issue with BMW’s lately awarded official London Olympic games vehicle supplier programme from late 2010.

Created across the same lines because the front-wheel-drive Small E – the vehicle credited with kick-beginning the BMW Group’s ‘project i’ initiative – the ActiveE switches the emphasis to rear-wheel drive. It utilizes a synchronous motor unit mounted inside the rear axle casing to supply propulsion.

With 170bhp and 184lb foot of torque, the brushless unit draws energy from two separate banks of lithium ion batteries Body in which the gas tank usually resides and also the second instead of the engine.

Its strong torque sees it deliver impressive straightline performance. BMW claims -37mph in only 4.5sec and -62mph in under nine seconds. The very best speed, meanwhile, is restricted to 90mph to guard the amount of charge inside the batteries.

BMW puts its latest concept car’s real life range at 100 miles – sufficient, it states, for that ActiveE to determine to many urban-based motoring needs.

Recharging from the batteries is achieved using a standard electrical power. A higher-charge function offers the new BMW having a recharge duration of just three hrs at 50 amps/240 volts in Europe.

Following a example set through the Small E, the fir-series Concept ActiveE also stows kinetic electricity. An electrical generator supplies a considerable engine braking impact on a trailing throttle inside a process which, BMW claims, helps boosts the range by as much as 20 percent.

Even though the new idea vehicle adheres to the feel of more conventional 1-series coupe models, detailed changes like the inclusion of low-drag wheels shod with low-resistance tyres, additional composite cladding underneath and smaller sized apertures to cool down the inside the front bumper have helped lower drag.

Only at that initial phase, BMW isn’t supplying a lot of information regarding the lease programme it is promoting for that production form of the fir-series Concept ActiveE, that is likely to turn up in the Paris motor show in September 2010. However, expect prices to reflect individuals from the Small E, that is offered by payments of £550.

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