507bhp range-topper for brand new E-class

There is not much exterior proof of the revisions towards the E-class, but Mercedes continues to be busy underneath the skin of their million-selling saloon, including launching a 507bhp E63 AMG. 4 years into its existence, the E will get more effective engines, which nonetheless return exactly the same mpg, in addition to safety upgrades.

The alterations within the cabin are limited to 2 new trim colours – the fetchingly-named Cognac Brown and Sahara Beige – a brand new controls and new controls for that heating and cooling.

The engines have obtained more attention. The bottom diesel, the E200 CDI, now creates 13bhp more, with torque up by 51lb foot to 250lb foot. The E220 CDI has 14 and 18 percent more power and torque than its predecessor. Mercedes quotes mpg figures of 44 for engines, which are in possession of balancer shafts around the crankcase for smoother running. The six-cylinder E320 CDI has already established less work, but sees its torque increase by 22lbft. 2008 might find the ecu launch of Merc’s Bluetec technology, which provides a clear, crisp decrease in NOX emissions. It claims the forthcoming E320 CDI Bluetec would be the world’s cleanest diesel engine. Mercedes is keen to stress the cost-effective nature from the range’s engines: one out of three E-classes bettering 35mpg average consumption over the range being 31mpg. Not incorporated for the reason that average, however, may be the new E63 AMG, which replaces the hardly-underpowered E55. The englarged V8 is supercharged to create 507bhp and 464lb foot of torque. Edging back for the mainstream, the E500 now includes a new 5.5-litre V8 with 382bhp and 390lb foot of torque 26 percent and 15 percent greater than before. The greater humble gas engines all see increases in power and torque.


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