2004 Cadillac CTS-V – Digestible Collectible

2004 Cadillac CTS-V

The reaction to yesterdays Digestible Collectible was possibly probably the most one-sided Ive seen since i have began this series. It has been made quite obvious that the older BMW is not recommended, despite the fact that Id need to complete my very own focus on the vehicle.

Still, I really like the thought of a performance vehicle will be able to use to haul the household with the week and mind out for any lengthy journey or perhaps a track day around the weekend.

Sadly, my children are becoming too tall to ride within the back seat of the 911, and that i doubt I possibly could fit four mounted Hoosiers inside either.

Enter LSX-FTW.

I ought to know much better than to even consider newbie cars in the Big Three, however this 2004 Cadillac CTS-V looks remarkably neat and the Arizona location is attractive to an Ohioan whos worked using more than his great amount of body rot.

Im told the weakest link on these early Caddies may be the differential. It either isnt to the energy that the engine can establish, or even the suspension enables an excessive amount of wheel hop, which introduces shock towards the differential. Either in situation, both factory and also the always-inventive GM performance aftermarket has choices to upgrade whats there, or make an effort to prevent harm to the present bits. I wouldnt call a rear-finish failure catastrophic enough to show me off a possible vehicle, though Id think about a 2006 or newer model using the upgraded diff in the factory basically had more money within my pocket.

Personally, I really like the Science and art appearance of the CTS-V. Edgy (pun fully intended) and distinctive, the styling is dated, but It is going to be appreciated for a long time. The inside isnt as gorgeous like a newer Audi, nevertheless its serviceable, seems to become supporting well within this vehicle a minimum of.

Im enticed. Ive been driving the minivan for too lengthy.

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