Be considered a Ferrari test driver – for £1million

Ferrari is providing a £1million chance to ‘join its development team’ using the launch of the super-limited-edition Enzo-based FXX prototype.

Just 20 from the £1.2m track specials is going to be built, and also the large range of telemetry suited to the vehicle – covering 39 dynamic parameters – will really be monitored by Ferrari’s own technicians. The legendary Italian company states the move can offer the opportunity to monitor and know how its cars are impelled by customers, and employ the data totailor future models.

Not homologated for road use, Ferrari is providing a number of track days at worldwide circuits included in the FXX package, and also the Italians may even keep cars at Maranello and transport these to the occasions if buyers wish.

In line with the Enzo supercar, the FXX is operated by a 6.3-litre V12 kicking out greater than 800bhp at 8500rpm, in contrast to the Enzo’s 6.-litre V12 supplying a mere 650bhp at 7800rpm.Ferrari states the paddleshift gear box will switch cogs in under 100 milliseconds because of the employment of technology and know-how from the F1 team.

Changes towards the Enzo’s bodywork have led to downforce claimed to become 40 percent greater than Ferrari has ever achieved on the customer vehicle. The trunk spoiler can also be adjusted to match the requirements of a specific circuit.

Ferrari’s suppliers also have walked track of some kind of special equipment for that limited-run model, with Bridgestone creating a unique 19-inch clever steering wheel and Brembo fitting special brake cooling and pads. Seats and pedals is going to be tailored to individual motorists.

Ferrari states deliveries will commence late this season carrying out a rigorous procedure for selecting appropriate buyers, transported by the company’s in-house committee.


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