New Lotus to star at Shelsley

The brand new Circuit Vehicle, the quickest Elise-based Lotus to date, can make its debut only at that year’s Shelsley Walsh hillclimb, from August 19-21. The brand new vehicle can make its racing debut around the final day’s the big event, consider the very first images of the vehicle at kingdom in a few days.

Coming in at just 600kg, the Circuit Vehicle helps make the the majority of its super-light Elise chassisand promises massive performance. Powered originates from whether 189bhp Toyota four, as with the Elise 111R, or through the Exige 240R’s 243bhp supercharged unit. It’s claimed the supercharged unit can propel the circuit vehicle from -100mph in only 9.0sec.

Designed particularly like a track day vehicle, production runs from the single seat circuit vehicle will probably only stretch to 100 each year, having a cost close to £25,000. The brand new vehicle, apt to be eventually given an ‘E’-name like Lotus’s other road models, ought to be capable of being registered for road use.

The Shelsley Walsh event, celebrating its centenary, may also feature the return of the Auto Union Grand Prix racing vehicle to mark the occasion. Auto Union dominated hillclimb occasions between 1934-39, as well as an original 1939 V12 ‘D’ Type will run only at that year’s Shelsley climb.


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