Rumor: BMW Is Ditching Retracting Hard Tops

The final BMW 3-Series Convertible was its first having a retracting hardtop rather of the traditional soft top. The present 4-Series also features the retracting hardtop, along with the BMW Z4. But when reports from Germany should be believed, these may be the last BMWs to make use of we’ve got the technology. The main reason? Weight and space. Essentially, the retracting hardtop is making the cars even heavier, that is blunting the driving dynamics and which makes them slower than theyd be around a gentle top. Also, hard tops find a large amount of valuable trunk space, that is restrictive during these cars that aim at short weekend journeys. A gentle top, which BMW still uses around the 6-Series, is just smart. But, like several rumors, well believe this whenever we view it.

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