The 250mph Lancashire hotpot

What is the quickest road vehicle ever built – lighter, faster and 20 percent more effective than the usual Bugatti Veyron – continues to be unveiled like a concept by Lancashire-based engine guru Al Melling. And that he believes he is able to get it on purchase late this season for less than £200,000, 1 / 3 the cost of the Veyron.

The Hellcat is really a front-engined two-seat coupé operated by a quad-turbo 6.-litre V10 milled entirely from aluminium billets. It creates 1200bhp at 7200rpm, plus 880lb foot at 5400rpm. The vehicle, with a slight rearward weight bias and rear-wheel drive, puts its huge power via a six-speed transaxle.

Melling states he’s catering strictly for vehicle purists whose priority is raw performance. The Hellcat doesn’t have luxury features, no heating and cooling with no stereo. It also lacks a bootlid.

The chassis is really a steel spaceframe with all of-independent suspension and also the same six-pot AP Racing calipers Bugatti uses around the Veyron. Your body makes extensive utilization of carbonfibre and aluminium, and Melling promises the kerbweight is going to be 1200kg under a Porsche Boxster.

Melling believes the Hellcat’s power, gearing and weight would let it achieve 250mph, but he claims “only” 225mph, with associated explosive acceleration.

Production around 20 cars annually will start within the other half of 2007 and also the first examples should be sent to customers by Christmas.

Steve Cropley


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