Volkswagen to construct Dacia Logan rival

Volkswagen has provided a tight schedule-ahead for an affordable new entry-level model to become positioned underneath the slow-selling Brazilian-built Fox.

Set to compete against the kind of the Dacia Logan, Toyota Aygo, Citroen C1 and Peugeot 107 in a cost that’s likely to start under £6000 within the United kingdom, the brand new four-seater is among the first initiatives to become taken by VW’s new chairman Martin Winterkorn since his arrival at the beginning of the entire year.

Created to consider Volkswagen to its roots, the brand new city vehicle is meant for purchase worldwide, although Winterkorn confirms it will likely be offered in The European Union first, before going to other potentially lucrative markets for example India, China and South Usa.

Winterkorn told an Autocar source: “Shortly after my arrival in Wolfsburg I gave development and design the task to build up a brand new vehicle underneath the Fox.” Winterkorn describes the brand new entry-level model as “an economical, attractive and cost-effective vehicle you can use everyday,” but he’s tight-lipped on where it will likely be built. If VW goes ahead using its planned acquisition of Malaysian manufacturer Proton, there’s the is really a chance of it being built-in Malaysia.

Meanwhile, Winterkorn has rejected reports that Volkswagen has abandoned intends to develop hybrid versions of their smaller sized models because of prices concerns. “There will certainly be compact hybrid models, like the Polo and Golf, and with no great delay,” he stated.

The Polo and Golf is going to be are mild hybrids, by having an motor unit getting used to supplement either the TFSI gas or new Bluetec diesel engines, based on insiders, who make sure a hybrid Touran can also be within the works.

Also under development at VW is really a hybrid form of the following-generation Touareg, due this year. It utilizes a full hybrid system much like that within the Lexus RX400h, where the motor unit is capable of doing propelling the vehicle in conjunction with the gas or diesel engine or, alternatively, by itself.



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