The title states everything. What can an archive be whether it didn’t inspire and encourage others to challenge it? It’s what drives time attack aficionados around the world, from Japan completely lower to Australia in which the sport finds a real home. Since 2008 once the first event required place, to 2010 when Speedhunters covered the planet Time Attack Challenge the very first time and onwards for this year – the Aussie and worldwide entrants have pressed the envelope of the motorsport towards the very extremes of the items anybody might have imagined.

To start 2010 WTAC event, we met track of the organizers today at Pier 2-3, right across in the legendary Sydney Harbour Bridge, where a varied trio of cars were selected to summarize what don’t be surprised to determine next weekend. First of all, the Tilton Interiors Evo, a vehicle which has clicked up three victories through the years and also the vehicle that completely embodies how time attack is continuing to grow. Around the far left is TCP Magic’s quad-rotor, twin-turbo animal which Mad Mike will drive at night drift competition following the primary event. And finally, most likely the greatest surprise of all of them, the Pagani Huayra BC. An Italian Man , hypercar is going to be driven by Keiichi Tsuchiya included in a brand new class that WTAC’s organizers hope brings another dimension towards the event. Pointless to state, we’re all searching toward observe how the weekend will unfold at Sydney Motorsport Park.

Stay tuned in for additional from WTAC 2016…

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