Don’t forget beat round the plant, I do not think anybody has excited in the term ‘courtesy car’. And that’s because there is a – well earned, for me – preconception of stated cars being a bit, well, sh*t.

It’s their very nature, I guess. Basically, courtesy cars only exist to get somebody to tide someone over until their very own vehicle has returned for action, a precise situation I had quite lately with Project GTI.

The program was always for that Wavetrac install to consider 2 days, and so i understood I’d attend another person’s whim for travel plans over a minumum of one evening. Thankfully, I had been under Regal Autosport‘s whim, and actually, its isn’t the typical courtesy vehicle.

I’m acquainted with the MQB platform and also have previous experience driving a Mk7 Golf R on the right track. I had been still quite excited, although I can’t say I made much utilization of it around the first night, as getting been awake for near to 48 hrs I had been only fit for sleep, and a lot of it. My vague recollection from the 20-minute, bleary-eyed drive towards the hotel can basically be summarized in a single sentence carrying out a stark realisation when i merged to the freeway: the speedometer reads in mph and never kilometres each hour when i had first thought.

Regal had explained to meticulously in coming back the following morning, but rather of having a lie in, I rather went for a short time of the explore within the Golf R.

From factory, the Golf R is really a 4WD and 300hp hatchback that’s quite quick as they are, otherwise a bit reserved. As appears is the situation with the majority of the fast factory VWs, it’s nearly as if Volkswagen build absolute monsters however dial them back to being civilised again. Most might never appreciate simply how much potential these cars have in reserve.

It doesn’t take a great deal to exploit this potential either. Regal has chosen several subtle modifications to increase the performance of their Golf R, so it ways to use development as well as for regular track days. Part one from the puzzle is definitely an AWE Tuning SwitchPath exhaust system which conforms towards the Jekyll & Hyde nature from the vehicle. When set to ‘Off’, the exhaust note is a touch louder than stock but in no way uncomfortable, nor will it take from the drive. When set to ‘On’, I believe the Golf could be heard later on because the valves and witchcraft inside stated system open making some noise.

What’s quite satisfying though is the fact that although almost hilariously loud, still it creates a distinct seem, as opposed to just noise, when you get what I’m saying. Frequency higher the turbocharger spooling at the end from the revs before it’s substituted for a guttural roar which will 100 percent attract the interest of anybody inside a five mile radius. Lift off and you’re welcomed with the best pops and bangs of overrun that I’ve heard in quite sometime. Subtle it’s not.

Pointless to state, I spent my morning using the exhaust permanently switched to ‘On’. Could it be anti-social? Yes. Will it cause you to smile and giggle like you’re a young child again? Absolutely. Even at low speed, the continual little pops and rumbles from the vehicle really are a pleasure to anybody that has a hint of gas running through their veins. The good thing is it could be switched to relative calmness in the press from the button, so you’ve full control of how anti-social you want to be. Also, it keeps the noise limit testers at race circuits happy.

When I was saying before I acquired depressed by recollections of terrorising quaint British villages, the Golf R doesn’t require a lot of try to release its potential. From the hardware perspective, the two.-litre four-cylinder TSI in Regal’s vehicle only has been treated for an Integrated Engineering intercooler along with a large-bore intake hose. APR Stage 2 software, for the engine management and DSG, give a pretty performance bump towards the tune of 380hp with 410lb/foot of torque. For any street vehicle, it’s the torque that’s most impressive and just what you depend of all when driving in the pub. There’s you don’t need to rev the engine to make power, it’s just ever present.

Although the wheels remain the factory products, there’s a bit more happening in it. An 8-piston Tarox Super Sport big brake package offers the additional stopping power with Bilstein B16s and Integrated Engineering top mounts to assistance with the cornering department. The vehicle is equipped using the almost unrivalled Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2s.

I only had the Golf R for any little over 12 hrs, however it was quite a simple vehicle to bond with. It had been ferocious on the backroad and required considerable time to readjust to simply how quickly it had been. In normal traffic, it had been an enjoyment they are driving. Around the freeway, the torque permitted such easy overtakes and merging manoeuvres. As well as in start-stop traffic, the DSG made the problem a lot more bearable.

Try when i might though, I couldn’t talk Regal right into a straight swap for Project GTI. I question exactly what the going rate for any kidney is these days…

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