What went down within the final moments from the 2016 Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge’s first day may be the very essence of the motorsport.

Like several types of racing, getting a vehicle that’s as much as task and dealing because it should is just one part of the process. Time attack throws up many challenges for motorists and teams choosing the perfect lap, so when you’re speaking in regards to a fine October’s trip to Sydney Motorsport Park around australia, heat is one. History has proven the fastest lap occasions are frequently occur the ultimate sessions during the day once the ambient air temp has dropped however the track surface still maintains some heat. Today wasn’t any different.

Tim Slade, driver of MCA Suspension’s ‘Hammerhead’ Nissan Silvia S13, understood what he’d to complete as he hit the track during the last time today, and that he totally delivered. His time – single:23.76 – eclipsed the general WTAC a short time span set by Garth Walden within the Tilton Interiors Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX this past year, just by one one hundredth of the second.

But that’s what is needed to create a period attack record, stringing a number of corners perfect, nailing the braking points and maximizing the car’s speed with the faster sections.

Tim was ecstatic in the result, as were the MCA crew people who have been all jumping for pleasure as he pulled the vehicle in to the pits. He’s also quite certain that the vehicle has more to provide, therefore we is possibly set for much more surprises around the second and final day’s the big event.

Taking provisional second is Barton Mawer within the PR Tech Racing Porsche 968, and that he too knows there’s more within the vehicle that delivered single:24.03 today. What is anyone’s guess at this time.

As with every perfect lap, it’s only a question of getting everything get together – the vehicle, the circumstances, the motive force.

The PR Tech Racing guys battled through the night fixing the lightweight hood which suddenly travelled from the vehicle as fast as possible and it was cracked during Thursday testing, so that you can bet they’ll be getting their A-game for day two.

After which obviously there’s Under Suzuki, a man that’s been pushing to seize the WTAC title for thus a long time that you simply can’t help but root for him. He set a brand new PB record of just one:24.24.

Despite some small issues, his Nissan Silvia S15 has been doing perfectly it’s added 10km/h to the front straight top speed since this past year, and that’s having a revised and much more aggressive aero package.

Since engine’s new billet block are designed for much more stress compared to stock SR20 blocks that Suzuki-san is becoming rather experienced in annihilating through the years, he’s been gradually finding yourself the boost.

Things were searching great for Under throughout the final outing today, but he wound up possessing the apparatus lever in error while on offer a large part and also the automatic ignition cut that’s implemented during shifts lost him a while. You are able to bet he’ll be pushing even harder around the final day.

Ultimately, Saturday will disclose all. Under half another separates the 3 fastest cars, so it’s far too near to call at this time.

We do need to question when the Tilton Interiors Evo, that is displayed in the track, may be introduced from retirement to assert back the record it set this past year. It didn’t run during Friday’s competition, however it made some laps of Sydney Motorsport Park around the test day, therefore we know it’s in running condition…

Pointless to state, we’re set for probably the most interesting final days the Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge has seen. Stay tuned in for additional from Australia!

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